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Sticky Vicky: Volume 1

Scene One:

In this scene, I present a short programme called Sticky Vicky's Guide To Pies and Gunge, where I describe the different kinds of pies and gunge that are available to the viewers. Each time I tell the viewers about a pie, I get the pie in my face! I even create my own pie overflowing with custard and cream which then gets slammed into my face! All in all I get a total of five pies.
   In the next section of the guide, I decribe the types of gunge that can be made. After my brief explanation, I get gunged twice! I am wearing a shiny satin blouse and some blue PVC trousers in this scene.

Scene Two:

This time, I am ready for bed in my satin pyjamas. I go into the bathroom and start to run a bath, but because I am so tired, I forget I am in my pyjamas and I get in while I'm still wearing them! I give myself a good wash down, then wash my hair.

There is also some bonus footage featuring some out-takes from the edited video. This tape lasts about 20 minutes.

Price: $30 (£20)