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Sticky Vicky: Volume 2

Scene One:

This scene features me as a popstar hopeful, singing in front of a panel of judges. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the WAM viewers!) my singing is really awful! The judges decide the best way to tell me this is by dumping a lot of gunge on me and pelting me with pies!

Scene Two:

The second scene sees me as a dopey junior school teacher trying to teach the badly-behaved kids Home Economics. The recipe is Cream Pie and, as you can guess, there's a lot of mess involved and most of it ends up being slinged at me! These kids are very badly behaved, believe me! In this scene I am wearing a very blue outfit comprising t-shirt, cardigan and floral skirt, complemented by a pair of glasses and some rather brightly coloured hair clips.

Volume 2 is now completed, and ready for you to order.

Price: $30 (£20)