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Sticky Vicky: Volume 3

Scene One:

For this scene, I wear a emerald green satin Chinese cheongsam dress. I am ready to eat in a restaurant, and whatever is served to me ends up in my lap or down my face because I act so clumsy! Firstly I get splashed with wine, then my Spaghetti Bolognaise and then my by the time my pudding is ready, the waiter decides is easier just to dump it over my head to save my effort!

Scene Two:

This scene features myself reading the news, dressed in a nice suit and blouse. When the time comes to talk about the increase and decrease in food prices, the mess really starts to fly! From all sorts of dairy products like cream and custard to beans and sauce.
   Then it's time for the weather: which just happens to be very wet! But, at least the mess is washed away. Until ... an important announcement is made to warn viewers of mud and oil slicks on the roads! This promises to be a very good (and very messy) scene.

Volume 3 has not been produced yet, but please keep checking fo updates!

Price: $30 (£20)